Another boring day in space. At least everyone thought so when they got up early this morning to  return to their everyday jobs at the PowerCorp research complex. With the nearest Federation  colony light years away, there's nothing to distract the scientists from doing their research. Or is  there? Just now, long range scanners picked up some strange readings. An unmanned  observation drone managed to get a picture of what caused them before it was shot down. Our  worst fears are confirmed: the Synthetics are coming! A distress signal has been sent out but  help is days away. Time to muster some state­of­the­art weaponry ­ and hold back the enemy  to survive!

Goal of the game

This is a Tower Defense variation. You have to build defenses to protect your base from being destroyed by never-ending hordes of enemies.
The goal is to maximize your score - which you gain for killing enemies. When your base is destroyed, the game is over.
If you achieve high enough score, you can submit it to our server. The top 15 players will have their name memorized in our Hall of Fame.

Controls & User Interface

You only need the mouse to play the game - to assign orders and scroll the map. You can pause the game by pressing Esc.

  • The timer on the left counts down till the next enemy wave comes (20s intervals). By clicking the button, you can send the wave immediately.
  • Your score is shown to the left.
  • HP bar indicates Base HP. If it goes down to 0, you lose.
  • Icons on the right allow you to buy global upgrades.
  • Money and science is shown to the right.
There are 2 global attacks - Airstrike and Mortar - see Upgrades tab for details. These can be activated by clicking at the base. They are one-time actions that deal high amount of damage and can come in handy when you can't build new structures fast enough.


If you want to build a new turret, click on the construction tile. A simple menu will pup up. However, the tower is not constructed immediately - collector must come and drop (build) it.
Building tower costs money, but not science. You can sell the tower for half the money you used to buy it. You can also upgrade a tower, but it costs additional money and requires collector to perform the upgrade.
There are 2 main types of towers - offensive towers and support towers. These complement each other, so it's a good idea to build towers of both types.
Tip: don't forget to change targetting option at the attack towers; different places benefit different targetting types


Collectors are your minions that construct new towers, upgrade existing ones and collect science. You cannot control them directly.
You can purchase a new collector by clicking at the base and choosing the appropriate option from the menu. It's a good idea to have more collectors further to the game, as you might be missing science or building new structures too slowly.